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Sea Freight Services:
We are strongly Bonded with 150 liner service shipping lines and provide customers with the customized transportation service. service contract with all major Shipping lines. Based on our consistent handling of large volumes, our customers will benefit from significantly reduced costs. 

Because we provide our customers with one-stop service through our global multimodal transportation and logistics network, our LCL service and Consolidation service is both trusted and unique. All the work will be handled within our organization without outsourcing to any freight forwarding company. 

We have extensive transportation experience with various Bulk/Project cargo such as crude oil, petrochemicals, equipment and parts for power plants, oil refineries, gas terminals, etc. By reviewing all relevant rules and laws of the destination country, we are able to present all possible transportation options. In addition, we offer the best routing options through research of various intermodal options. Most notably, we provide customers service which covers the manufacturing sight to the ultimate destination job site through pre-planning and post delivery service. 

We provide a comprehensive transportation service from your shed to recipient door which covers all theservices (packing, transporting, customs clearance, documentation).

Air Freight Services:
We provide a differentiated airfreight service, fully utilizing its 10,000 ㎡ logistics center at
Incheon International Airport. The center is equipped with an array of hi-tech logistics facilities, such as the
Work Station, Bypass Line and Storage Line, to provide a customized logistics service for import, export,
courier delivery, sea and air transportation, customs clearance and storage.

We became the country’s first business to provide a paperless airfreight service with
the aim if giving customers ultimate satisfaction. Since February 2008, master airway bills (MAWBs),
house airway bills (HAWBs) and house manifests (HMFSTs) have been handled in electronic form, making it
possible for customers to save on the time and expense required for the printing, retention and
dispatch of documents and the checking of airfreight-related information on a real time basis.

We has accumulated vast experience in airfreight service over a period of more than 30 years,
maintaining strategic alliances with more than 50 major airlines all around the world. we do all
it can and more to provide the best possible service to its customers, even for the smallest of cargoes, taking
into account every single factor, down to the specific characteristics of airplanes and airfreight rates. 

Our professional staff at the logistics center at Incheon International Airport handle cargoes
loaded onto chartered airplanes using a unit load device (ULD), ensuring that cargoes are transported to
their final destination safely and promptly.

Fully utilizing its position as the No. 1 airfreight handling company in Korea, Our company wields strong
negotiating power in its relations with airlines all around the world, making it possible to secure charter
planes and ensure the transportation of cargoes to their destination on time, even during periods of peak

Our company provides the freight re-forwarding service for about 15,000 tons of cargo via Incheon
International Airport every year. No logistics business in Korea has accumulated more information and
experience concerning re-forwarding than Pantos Logistics.

Our company fully utilizes the know-how and experience it has accumulated over more than 30 years -
as well as the logistics network linking Incheon International Airport, the future logistics hub of Northeast Asia
- in combination with its 70-plus logistics points in 30 countries to provide a customized re-forwarding service
to customers, carefully checking every factor including the conditions of airports worldwide, airfreight rates,
transportation time, and the time required for transshipment. 

Customers can leave everything - including packing, transportation, customs clearance and door-to-door
delivery, as well as documentation - in the secure hands of our professional employees and
its solid network of overseas branches. 

Our  logistics center at Incheon International Airport operates four container truck docks for Sea
and Air transportation for the prompt handling and storage of cargoes, in addition to three Work Stations for
ULD-based loading.

Our 70-plus logistics points in 30 countries enable the Company to provide the most reliable Sea
and Air Service by coping with rapidly changing situations based on real-time information collected from the
departure, transit and destination points.

Rail & Road Transportation:
Our company has secured the status of the TSR and TCR service as the logistics business handling the
most freight in Korea and operating the widest network of freight depots in the CIS countries and Central Asia.

Concerning its TSR service, Pantos Logistics began operating the 9-hectare Tuchkovo Logistics Complex
near Moscow, Russia, the first such complex operated by a Korean business in that country, in June 2007, for
efficient linkage with the inland logistics route in Russia.

The Tuchkovo Logistics Complex serves as a logistics hub for the receipt of cargoes arriving via the TSR and
their dispatch to inland areas in Russia, the CIS countries, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. It has the
capacity to handle about 3,400 TEUs of containers a day, has acquired the license to operate a 2,100 ㎡
bonded shed, and has the capacity to clear 320 TEUs of containers through customs each day.

Our company is the only Korean business to have obtained both the Russian and Kazakhstan customs
clearance licenses. It operates a department responsible for making contracts to operate bonded warehouses
within railroad stations and customs clearance depots for prompt customs clearance for customers using the
TSR and TCR service. The Company also provides a one-stop inland transportation service within the CIS
countries, using its own trucks. 

Our Company  operates storage/transportation depots in ten important locations, including Incheon, Sihwa,
Pyeongtaek, Gumi, Gwangju, Busan, and Changwon. The Company carries out its business in close cooper-
ation with over 30 domestic trucking companies, seeing to it that customers’ cargoes are delivered to their
final destinations promptly, accurately and safely.

Our logistics center at Incheon International Airport contributes to the enhancement of service
quality with regard to the inland transportation of airfreight cargoes. The Company plans to build a new
logistics center in Busan New Port to provide a better inland transportation service for ocean-freighted
cargoes. The Company also operates its own container yards and container freight stations in Busan,
Gwangyang and Incheon Ports to provide a professional import/export cargo handling service for customers.

Our company helps its customers to take care of their cargo transportation with know-how accumulated
over many years in the bonded transportation business, in addition to operating the e-TMS System
developed in-house to provide customers with prompt information on the present locations of their cargoes.

Warehousing & Customs Clearance:

- VMI (vendor-managed inventory) HUB Service
Our company  provides optimal solutions in the supply logistics sector for manufacturers based on the know-how it has accumulated in connection with its operation of the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) hub of LG Electronics since 1999.

- VAL (Value Added Logistics) Service to maximize customers’ profits
Our company  now provides an array of services that will enhance the added value of products stored, such as (Re)-Packing, Labeling, Tagging, Sampling and Repair, based on logistics know-how accumulated over many years

- Prompt and systematic transportation/delivery service
The Company is ready to discuss the customer’s specific logistics needs in an optimal way, paying attention to changes in the logistics environment from JIT (Just In Time) delivery to JIS (Just In Second) delivery.

- Advanced information technology system
The Company operates the warehouse management system (WMS) for the optimization of inventory management by analyzing the inventory turnover cycle, by applying methods of enhancing storage efficiency via a reduction of inventory cost and the securing of optimal spaces, and by providing real-time information on the warehousing and shipping out of goods and the status of inventory, with the aim of embodying global supply chain visibility in linkage with the Global Single Window system.

- Maintaining logistics depots in strategically important locations
Our company operates large-sized logistics/storage depots at Incheon Airport Free Trade Zone and Busan New Port (planned), which are the two leading logistics centers in Korea, in connection with the need to serve as the Asian Logistics Hub. 

Unlike other Korean logistics businesses that depend on outside services for customs clearance,
Our company carries out the relevant procedure by itself, which means that it can ensure higher
efficiency in close cooperation with its customers.

Our company System and the EDMS System operated by our company in conjunction with
customers’ in-house systems makes it possible to carry out the customs clearance procedure promptly and

Express & Courier Services:
Our company  boasts strong competitiveness in Asia and Middle Asia. The Company offers an
overnight package pickup and delivery service between Korea and other parts of Asia, and a two-day service
between Korea and Delhi/Mumbai, India, the fastest service provided by any Korean express delivery business.

In May 2008, our company began providing a customs clearance and courier service encompassing
the entire Middle Eastern area through its local corporation in Dubai, the first of its kind provided by a Korean
logistics business. 

Our company operates e-Speed Track, a hi-tech overseas cargo tracking system which enables
customers to check the present locations of their packages on the Internet. The
system makes it possible for customers to check information on the status of package dispatch reservation,
and man agement of the history concerning dispatch, and to inquire about the result success of the package
delivery to the final destination. 

Logistics Consulting & Design: 

Our company  provides optimal logistics models suited to customers’ individual needs based on years of experience and differentiated methods of consulting. By providing such a service, Our company intends to be a Win-Win Partner that can help consignor businesses to establish an optimized system in the entire supply chain management system through the analysis of logistics functions, business processes, logistics systems and logistics-related costs. 

We provide logistics-related consulting on the entire scope of the supply chain, except for Core Competencies (R&D, development, manufacturing and marketing of new products), thereby helping customer businesses to enhance their competitiveness by making their supply chain more efficient and helping ourselves to secure new opportunities for SCM O/S, which means win-win opportunities. 

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